What Special care is Required in pregnancy-induced hypertension?

Pregnancy is the special time in every woman’s life. During this precious time, she feels many different phases. Due to hormonal changes, there are present different symptoms that create discomfort in the body. Every woman feels different pregnancy feelings. Some suffer from vomiting throughout the period while other have diabetes at this time. These days pregnancy induced hypertension also known as gestational hypertension is also very common in the pregnant women. The BP is high as compared to normal value. The problem usually starts emerging after twelve weeks of pregnancy when plantation occurs.

Who are at risk of gestational hypertension

Although any women can suffer from this problem during pregnancy according to the studies following women have more chances to develop hypertension during pregnancy.

  • First time moms
  • Women whose sisters or mothers have PIH
  • Women having the kidney infection or BP problem before conception
  • Women carrying multiple fetuses.

Symptoms of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

The lady suffering from pregnancy induced hypertension can have following symptoms

  • Swelling in limbs and extremities
  • A severe headache
  • Abdominal pain
  • Albumin in urine
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Blood in urine
  • Spots before the eyes

Effects of The Gestational Hypertension

The studies have shown that PIH badly effects the fetus. The mother suffering from the high blood pressure may give birth to the child with abnormalities. Even some infants do not survive due to premature delivery or some other issues. This is becoming the serious issues these days, the pregnant women suffering from high BP during pregnancy must focus on care plan and seriously follow it to avoid any bad effects.

Care in PIH

  • It is recommended that the mother suffering from the gestational hypertension must take care of her diet, as well as take medications on time.
  • It is good to take low salt and zero oil diet so that BP can be controlled without in take of medications.
  • It’s better to take complete bed rest and do not perform exertional activities that lead to high BP.
  • Try to take a large amount of water
  • Avoid high caloric food and rely on fresh fruits as well as vegetables that are good for the mother’s as well as baby’s health.
  • In case if BP is not controlled by diet and natural methods than doctor prefer to prescribe medications. methyldopa is considered as the safest drug for controlling high BP in pregnant women. Otherwise, captopril is also prescribed in uncontrolled situations.

Do not take pregnancy induced hypertension lightly. It is the serous issue that can affect the baby and mother badly. If you come to know that you are suffering from the high blood pressure during pregnancy immediately consult your gynecologist and seek advice for controlling this issue. Try to avoid all high oil and salted diets. Do regular light exercise and think positive. Don’t overstressed yourself and be relax. By doing a little effort you will able to control the high blood pressure and at the end, you will give birth to the healthy baby as well as able to maintain your health as well.