Everybody suffers depression, it could start from simple mood swings which affect almost everybody, but it calls for special attention when it last longer than usual. Depression is simply getting angry or sad (perhaps unnecessarily).

What causes Depression?

There are several causes of depression and what causes for one person might be different from what causes for the other. However listed below are possible causes for different people (and this list focuses on teenagers).

  1. Loss of a loved one:

Losing one of your family members can be very painful and depending on the relationship you have with the person, depression can set in.

  1. Failure in an exam:

If a student fails an exam (for whatever reason) it could result in depression and this might lead to more critical issues, as severe as contemplating suicide.

Drug and alcohol: The indiscriminate use of a drug can cause depression in teenagers too. When a drug is not prescribed by a qualified person, it must not be taken. You must avoid cannabis and every hard illicit drug known to you.

Bullying: when bullying occurs in schools, the victim might become depressed and this could result in a big problem for the victim.

Signs and Effects of depression

  1. Bullying:

When victim ‘A’ is bullied in school, he might transfer the aggression and bully victim ‘B’. This is one of the numerous effects of depression. Some people do this to feel they have had a revenge or to be better about themselves. This is wrong and is not accepted at all.

  1. Suicide:

We have heard of so many suicide cases where a teenager (probably in college) commits suicide due to one reason or the other. (Either a failed exam, a crush rejecting them etc.) Depression has led to the death of many people and this does not have to continue.

  1. Terrorism:

Terrorism is on the increase, and one of its numerous causes is that the terrorists are sad about themselves and want to kill themselves and want to take others with them.

  1. Mood swings:

This minute, you’re fine, the next you are very angry, check yourself, you might be depressed. Depression causes mood swings and help might be needed.

  1. Drug abuse

This is a cause of depression and is also an effect of depression. When you suddenly detect you have started using drugs more than you used to (or for no reason medical), you might be suffering depression and need help.

How to know if you are depressed

Knowing if you are depressed isn’t straightforward. When you observe the signs listed above, you might be depressed and need help. Also, if you find out you suddenly no longer derive joy and satisfaction in the things you used to, you might be depressed.

How to get help when depressed

It’s a good thing to speak up when you find out you might be suffering from depression, the best thing is to speak up and get help as soon as possible.

One of the helps you might seek is talking to your teachers, parents or whoever you feel comfortable discussing with. Be sure this person will not further complicate the issue.

While depression isn’t suggestive that you have mental issues, you might have to see a psychiatrist. The doctor would help you through a therapy to help you get out of this state of mind. It is tricky for someone who’s not a doctor to prescribe medical help, while they might be of help socially, only a doctor may provide good medical care.

In the end, we all suffer depression at a point or the other, but the duration defines if it’s the usual thing or one that needs medical care.

Do not be scared or ashamed of seeking help when necessary.