Abuse is simply using things inappropriately. There are various types of abuse, we all know of drug or substance abuse, but what many people don’t talk about is smartphone abuse.

Smartphone abuse like other forms of abuse is using tech or gadgets beyond what is expected. When you abuse tech, you get addicted to it and disconnected from the world. This can lead to loneliness and depression.

How teenagers abuse tech

Teenagers abuse tech in several ways and this have adverse effects in every other area of their lives. In their relationship with others, and even their mental health is affected.

  1. Excess use of the social media:

Many teenagers stay on Facebook, twitter etc. for longer than is expected. The social media life disconnects them from the reality of their environment and can even make them feel depressed.

  1. Sexting:

Many teenagers get involved in sending pictures (of themselves or others) which are explicit or sexually suggestive. Some teens do not know, this could become a criminal offence. When you share pictures or possess pictures which are sexual (in anyway) belonging to you or to someone else, it could be regarded as child pornography and could be sued for it.  Sharing these photos with someone in another state can get you charged with a federal felony.

There are also non legal consequences of sexting, which include the emotional trauma of the victim, and the guilt which you will feel when caught.You must be careful what you upload and download.

  1. Texting and driving:

Teens who can drive also abuse tech gadgets by texting while driving. We all know the implication of doing this. It is important you focus while driving so you wouldn’t lose concentration which can result in an accident.

There are many other examples of smartphone abuse. But the following are the causes of smartphone abuse.

One of the causes is peer pressure. Many teens do not want to look inferior to others (especially when it involves their friends), so they do everything to keep up with the trend.

Another reason is that of a lack of focus. Let’s face it, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t use Facebook as a teenager, until he was nineteen.

As a teenager, your career should be top of your priority list. No one is saying you shouldn’t have fun, but it must be within a reasonable limit.

Effect of smartphone abuse

There are effects in the excessive use of social media and tech in general, and one of the numerous effects is Depression. When you are too involved in the use of social media, your iPad, etc. you get disconnected from the real world. You’d want to return to Facebook or Twitter (or whichever you prefer to use) at any slight opportunity.

How to overcome smartphone abuse

Don’t touch your phone first thing in the morning. Many teens would reach for their devices once they wake up for their iPhones and smart devices. They’d end up spending more time than they wished to in checking their newsfeed, twitter, email etc.

Touch your phone less. The average American touches his phone about 80 times a day. Do your best to limit this number.

In conclusion, smartphone abuse results in depression, loneliness, sadness, fake lifestyle etc. To avoid these, you must reduce how you use tech devices.