While living in the 21st century is a dream and a gift, it isn’t for parents who want to raise a God-fearing and outstanding child or children.

There are opinions everywhere with the intent of confusing and misleading children. It has become difficult now, more than ever to raise God-fearing kids.

The social media hasn’t helped issues, although there are religious, moral and educational groups online, unscrupulous elements are taking over everywhere. There are so subtle you wouldn’t know when your child buys into their idea and becomes like them too.

How do you raise outstanding kids?

The following are simple ways of raising kids who are high flyers and are outstanding among their peers and contemporaries.

  1. Be the model they need

First, you must be an ideal person you want your kids to be like. You might have made mistakes in the past which you do not want them to repeat, but you must make conscious effort to first, exhibit characters you want from them. Kids are smart, and they copy a lot. They would mirror your characters and become a replica of you if you are a worthy role model for them.

  1. Make God your standard:

Raising godly kids in the 21st century is extremely tricky. If you do not surrender to God, you would be building castles in the air. There are things you might want or desire, but just can’t pull off, remember to pray for them. When you have an issue at hand, first think of what Jesus would do in your shoes. You can’t go wrong if God is your standard.

  1. Pray for them:

You should have a SHOP. Hold on, I don’t mean you have to start selling. SHOP is an acronym for Sweet Hour of Prayer. Concerning your kids, you have to stand tall on your knees. Do no neglect the role of prayer in their lives (yours too). You must continually pray without ceasing.

  1. Talk with them:

Your children need someone to talk to too. Be their confidant. Don’t wait till he/she finds another confidant outside of your home (who doesn’t fit in with your philosophy). You must know the issues and challenges facing your kids, from school, the neighborhood, church or wherever they constantly visit. Share in their ups and downs, know their pain and challenges.

  1. Know their teachers:

To further get closer to your kids, it is important you know their teachers in their school on a personal level.  Their teachers will inform you of the issues your kids are having, possible solutions and then they will also help you be a watch in school for the kids.

  1. Know their friends:

Friends are one of the biggest influence in the lives of kids. If you want the best for your kids, encourage them to bring their friends home for you to know them on a personal level. Knowing as many friends (if not all) of your teens will help you know when they are going out of track and then you can guide them back. It would be almost impossible that a friend of a drug user would not start using drugs too, so you must know your kid’s friends.

The few tips above are very important if you must raise children who would stand out from the crowd and be a high flyer as you desire.