Sugar is one of the most versatile food supplements and also controversial of all history. For years, it has been seen as the guilty of numerous diseases but at the same time has been considered as an excellent complement that makes it more enjoyable life and food or beverage. So, to be quite clear and objectives, we will speak of which are the pros and cons of sugar so  you can clarify many questions that have arisen around this food supplement. It is really dangerous if you let it be, so you should know how to consume it and use it in a healthy way. 


The sucrose contained in the sugar is transformed into glucose and fructose which are absorbed by the body, generating a large amount of energy almost immediately.

It helps the discomfort and anxiety generated by rates of glucose in the blood. Although, to avoid that low level of glucose in the blood, it is recommended that you eat pasta, potatoes or rice.

Unlike honey and syrups, sugar is a refined product and purified so that there is not likely a possibility to be allergic to it.


It replaces in a very bad way other kind of foods. When you consume sugar, you appetite disappears by eliminating the possibility of consuming foods that are healthy and necessary for the proper functioning of your body, harming the health.

Excessive sugar consumption can lead to obesity in addition that it increases the level of triglycerides in the blood which can increase the risk of a heart disease.

Bacteria in the oral cavity transforms sugar into an acid that damages the enamel of the teeth, so it is recommended to brush your teeth after eating some dessert.

Sugar is made up of carbohydrates and lacking of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber. It means that prolonged consumption of sugar generates a nutritional disorder that can affect our body.