A person who truly loves you does not want bad things for you, by the way, fervently wishes for your well being.

How wives are faithful and devoted to their marriage is of vital importance in order to have a good relationship with their husbands. A good wife knows that any unpleasant event happening could bring suffering and pain. The Holy Bible says that the moment we get married, we become one flesh.

Pray for your husband is a good and invaluable detail that pleases God. Praying for someone is the best sign of love, a good way to express how much you love a person, demonstrating that your husband is an important topic in your conversation with God.

You can pray for your husband:

To Love God above all things.

It is important that your husband has a close relationship with God. Your marriage will be strong because God blesses those who love him.

His place in marriage.

According to the precepts of God, the husband is the head of the marriage and must be seen and treated as such. For that reason you must include in your prayer that God will provide him the wisdom necessary to behave as he is.

He is the provider of the family.

God created man to be the provider of the family, since it is part of their masculinity and their responsibility as head of the family, so you must pray for your husband will go well at his job and can always bring the bread home. Of course, there are special situations when a husband cannot work due to physical limit, yet respect him as your husband because that pleases God.

His role as a husband.

The marriage must always stay strong so you must pray that he loves you and accepts you with all your flaws to help you improve.

Pray that he can overcome temptations.

We are living in a sinful world, so you must ask God to keep the mind of your husband and also to keep him and yourself pure. Ask for God’s help so he and you can overcome temptations in order to glorify God and to maintain the purity of your marriage.