Pregnancy can best be described as the most experiences women go through, and they are expected to look adorable and beautiful during this period. But in the real sense a good number of pregnant women are not so during this period of their life instead they look swollen, and most of the time, they are not comfortable. Having the motivation to engage regular exercise can be very cumbersome.

Involving in routine exercises during pregnancy period can be very helpful for both mom and baby. However, expecting mothers should ensure to advice from a qualified doctor to know what suits them and to avoid complications. Different pregnant women may have different reactions to the same thing.

Let’s go down to see the best ways to stay fit during pregnancy.

Drink a lot of water; this helps to lubricate the muscles and joints

Try jogging and brisk walking. This will help you make you very comfortable.

Take prenatal exercise classes. This is one of the best ways to stay fit, and it can also be a great avenue to meet fellow pregnant women and possibly make new friends and share experiences.

Take dance classes. These are usually very fun. However, you must be careful to adjust your dance moves as the pregnancy grows.

Have sex; yes sex. This helps to eliminate a couple of calories.

Engage in domestic activities such as watering the flowers, gardening this helps you stay fit and active.


It always advisable to take balanced diet and adequate nutrition during pregnancy, include a wide range of fruits and vegetables in your diet, calcium and lean proteins should also be incorporated

As an expectant mother, carbohydrate is an important element to include in your diet especially when you have to engage in exercises. You would need it to keep you running; this is because it serves as fuel.

Expectant mothers need an extra 250 calories each day to positively affect the growth of the fetus. During exercise, these calories are burned.

What possibly could be the significance of staying fit during pregnancy?

To Reduce Obesity

Obesity is one condition that you have to do everything possible to prevent. This is because obesity has been proven to increase the risk for diabetes, and hypertension. Also, you would have to take proper diets while maintaining your routine exercises; this will help enhance your digestive system

To have more energy

It is a normal thing for pregnant women to often experience tiredness especially when you have other little children to take care of but exercising can greatly in improving your energy levels during pregnancy.

However the body reaction may be, there is no pregnant do not benefit in one way or another from regular exercise.  Every tip on how to stay fit during pregnancy hovers around exercise. Therefore, it is a necessity that must be not be neglected for any reason. Ensure you make it a point of duty, always take advantage of the best days when you are most active to engage in exercises.  Take mild exercises like jogging or brisk walking.

Be very close friends with your doctor during this period and consult them when you want to take dance classes or exercise routine to seek professional advice.