One of the greatest blessings that you have in life is to have children, but many times we focus on material things and not on the emotional side. If your emotions are in conflict, you will not be able to enjoy being a mother and fully enjoy the first few months of life of your baby. Since the relationship that you have with your baby is essential for a healthy, personal and emotional growth, it is important that you have this in mind at all time.

Trust in yourself.

Give yourself fully to this new blessing in your life and accept it with all your heart. Trust in yourself so that you can be an excellent mother, because you will know the fruit of the love of your marriage better than anyone else and you’ll know what it all means so that all will be well.

Facing the fear.

It is very natural to feel something of fear before the baby’s arrival, because of the changes that will bring to our lives in addition to that it is almost impossible not to think about the complications that may arise at the time of birth or if you are going to be a good mother. But, the fears you have will be an opportunity to grow as you turn them into challenges that you will overcome successfully if you trust fully in yourself. In addition, most of the times fears are only vague emotions of the future, anticipating consequences that may never occur.

Establish a connection with your baby.

This is imperative for all mothers. When you connect your mind and heart with your baby from the first moment in which you know you are pregnant, you will make an special connection of love and security which is extremely important for the emotional well-being of both. To establish this connection it is important that you speak and stimulate with sounds and touching your belly, especially during the last months of pregnancy.

Establish a connection with your husband.

What binds you with your husband is the love and commitment involved in marriage, but it is also important to know how it feels before the baby’s arrival, so it is extremely important to know your concerns, fears and plans on what is going to happen when the baby comes home. Remember that he is not only your husband, he is also the father of your future child, so you should discuss with your husband about things that are better adapted to the new roles.