Youth is a time of life full of temptations. Everything is new for the human being when he is a teenager, he is loaded with new hormones and emotions that motivate him to try different experiences, especially in the sexual area. But the truth is that there is a time for everything, and even when we are young we can wait for the special person, with whom we will marry and form a family.

Having the strength to achieve this is not easy, so as a mother it is necessary to guide our teenage son or daughter so that he/she knows how to choose who his/her partner will be, and wait until marriage to have intimacy.

Here we offer a couple of tips for you to converse with your son or daughter and guide them along the path that will ultimately provide happiness.

Waiting guarantees finding true love

God wants us to find our soul mate, to complement each other and to be happy at his/her side. Finding love is not an easy task. Every day we see men and women who have had dozens of failed relationships, and who live a sad and empty life. This happens precisely because they have ignored God and have not been able to wait for their special person, but instead they have given themselves to anyone without thinking about the consequences.

When you demand your wooer that you want to wait until marriage before having intimacy, you make sure that person develops for you an affection that is far beyond the physical. He or she will value you for your feelings, for your intelligence, and for your personality. When two people are attracted beyond their physical, it is when love really thrives. For that reason, waiting until marriage, as God wants it, guarantees that you will have at your side the person who will make you happy.

Grow love for God and for yourself while you wait

Waiting for that special person that will be our husband or wife can be difficult, since humans tend to be very impatient. But patience will pay off later, when you feel happy with your family, without having to live harrowing experiences due to malicious people.

A good way to wait is to think of God as the Being that we love and that loves us. God is always for us, and we owe Him everything we are. Our body is before nothing, of Him, and therefore we do not give it to anyone other than the one indicated, whom He has created thinking of us and who is willing to unite his/her soul with ours under sacred marriage.

It is also very useful to grow love for ourselves (I mean to take care of ourselves well), cultivate our hobbies, our knowledge and our skills. Have a schedule of activities, eat well, exercise. Loving ourselves will allow us to feel full even when we have not found the special person yet, and will allow us to have much more love to give when the significant other arrives!