We understand that your health is essential to you and that you certainly take it very seriously, this is why we have decided to share this post to let you know those food supplements that guarantee a healthy life.

As long as your body requirement is concerned, there are only very few diets out there that provide the required amount of the various elements needed for a healthy life. These elements or nutrients include minerals, vitamins, and various antioxidants that detoxify the blood to improve the overall health of the body.  Also, there are some factors that affect the intake of these important nutrients by the body.  This is why it is important to include supplements in your diet to further guarantee a much healthier lifestyle.

Under listed are five important food supplements that guarantee a healthy life


This is one supplement that is virtually for everyone regardless of age.  With multivitamins, you can escape taking some of those pills that make you uncomfortable while still supplementing your needed nutrients. Take, for example, if you have an eye problem running in your family history, you may consider a multivitamin that has an element called lutein.  Multivitamins with the element boron have also been proven to eliminate concerns about prostate cancer.

Olive Leaf Extract for a Healthy Life

There is contained in Olive leaf extract a very proportion of Oleuropein which contains strong antioxidants, these antioxidants help to strengthen the cardiovascular system. It also enhances and maintains the overall health of the body. Olive leaves being a tonic for the immune system works magic in the body. Thaumatin is an element used to give Olive leaf extracts its sweet taste.

Folic Acid

Folic acid has been known to be very important mostly for women in their childbearing age. This is because it helps to ameliorate the tendency of giving birth to children with brain and spinal cord disorders.  Folates also have enormous benefits for men of all ages which you may not have known before now.  It has been proven to contain vitamin B which lowers the potential for Alzheimer’s disease and also enhance blood flow in the arteries which consequently lowers the risk of high blood pressure as well as heart disease.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is very effective in enhancing strong bones and teeth. It also strengthens the immune system. Deficiency in vitamin D could lead to osteoporosis.

Fish Oil.

Fish oil is known to contain Omega 3 acids which enhance proper absorption of nutrients and improves metabolism. Fish oil has also been known to be very effective in preventing heart disease, and It also enhances cognitive ability.  This has also been proven in recent studies. Ensure you use fish oil supplement that contains EPA and DHA elements at higher a proportion.


Iron supplements have been known to improve the red blood cells; this makes it a great option for women who are menstruating because, at this point, they tend to lose a lot of blood. However,  some women may show reactions to increase iron levels. Therefore women should consult their doctor to keep a regular check on the iron levels. Iron also plays a major role in ensuring that the brain gets a good supply of oxygen. It also enhances the transport of oxygen to the vital organs of the body as well as the muscles. Iron deficiency could lead to difficulty in concentrating as well as weakness and fatigue.