As the day goes by, things get from ba.d to worse. Everybody sell their idea and philosophy of life to those who don’t have theirs or who are too shy to lead their lives. In such times, it is tricky to allow your kids grow without showing them the right path, failure to show them will drive them into the hands of those who are very willing to do so – if only they’d do it correctly.

You do not have to leave your kids to the hand of “chance,” so teach them these five values before they are corrupted and hate you forever. These are very important areas of life you must handle as soon as you can for these kids to begin their lives.

Five things you must teach your kids

  1. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom:

When your kids understand that the fear of the Lord brings wisdom literally, they will make proper choices, because God would direct them. We need not dwell more on this. It is self-explanatory. Teach your kids the Bible, read it with them, pray with them and be a good example and model, they would learn from you. Do not forget to also pray for them.

  1. Money/financial lessons:

Everybody works hard, but very few have more than enough. You have to start early in life to teach your kids lessons on money. They have to understand that they must invest in themselves and their future by reading books on financial development and growth. If you do not have enough to teach them financially, then you can only help them by buying those financial development books. The first rule is that “Your money must work for you”, help them realize they need to work and earn and reinvest their earning so they won’t have to work for so long.

  1. Love isn’t just a word:

Our society keeps degrading because we do not know how to show love. We have forgotten what showing love is, and we no longer know how been shown love feels. Love here isn’t and doesn’t have to be erotic. I mean practical love. We wouldn’t have the security crisis (Syria, Sudan, ISIS, etc.) if there were love flowing in peoples’ veins. You have to teach your kids how to show love, how to say “sorry, please, thank you” etc. Your kids (male) must learn to respect women (or girls). When love resides in their heart, they will live better lives, and the world will be a better place for them.

  1. No limit in life

While dreaming is free and everyone does, you need to teach your kids to go from mere dreaming to achieve. They should realize that the only limitation they have is that which they have set for themselves. Your kids must realize that the sky must not and shouldn’t be their limit, but their starting point.

  1. Norms:

You must imbibe norms and values into your kids. They should learn that life feels good when they work their way to success and not cheat. It follows what we have in number three above (love) when you love; you won’t cheat. There are many crooks and con men out there, and your kids should not be one of them. You must teach them to tell the truth at all times.

These are the first five things you must teach your kids, irrespective of their age or gender. When we all do our part, we will help the little way we can to repair our world.

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