Homes/marriages in the 21st century are in shambles (and that’s putting it mildly). The idea of what God planned for marriage is being sabotaged by no other than the devil through ideas that are anti-Christ.

There is no better way for the devil to attack individuals than to make them live in an unhappy relationship, make the bad decisions and be sad for the rest of their lives. Marriage is no exception.

Think of the divorce rates and ask why individuals who agreed to be together forever changed their mind within 24 hours of tying the knot. Some men now think they can discard women at will. Women (with the feminist ideas) think their husbands and men are irrelevant. The society is deteriorating.

How do you make yourself a woman whose husband cannot divorce? How do you make your relationship and marriage as secured as a strong room? What are the steps to being an indispensable woman? At the end of this article, you would get to see five things to put in place for a successful relationship with your husband. A ninety-year marriage can still be fun as against what is obtainable today where marriages shamefully breakdown weeks after the wedding.

Five steps to being an indispensable woman/wife

The following are five simple steps to being an indispensable woman in your home.

  1. God first

The Bible said every good and perfect gift comes from God. Our lives are gifts from God, and our relationships aren’t an exception. When you acknowledge the place of God and seek Him, then He’d do His part. Commit your relationship to prayer and ask God for guidance. Then watch Him do his part.

  1. Your husband is the head

Feminism isn’t wrong, but its approaches these days are preposterous. It is true women can do what men can do, but the message doesn’t have to be sent to the men in a derogatory manner. If a man is a head, it doesn’t eliminate the role of the woman. Help him. Assist him. When you see your marriage as a partnership (which it is), you won’t compete. You both have equal roles and rights, but he’s the leader. Look at it this way; the United States have a president. The least U.S citizen has rights. And the role of being the United States president doesn’t stop the right of that citizen. It is the duty of both individuals to defend the interest of the United States; consequently, none is less important, they are partners.

When you see him as a partner in progress, then your marriage is going to work.

  1. Continue dating him

Men don’t like it when there’s nothing to hope for, nothing new, no element of suspense, etc. This is what being a wife feels like. He knows you. Knows what to expect, and that’s it – nothing more.

If you continue dating him, bringing new ideas to your marriage, go on dinner dates, arrange a picnic, stay with him to view the moon, bring him his favorite games, dress like an eighteen-year-old for him, you understand what I mean, just be a girlfriend to him. He won’t mess you up. He won’t leave you. He wants to date forever. Make him feel young forever.

  1. Apologize

We all make mistakes, he will too, and when you do, apologize. It’s as simple as that. When you apologize, it saves time and prevents bad emotions spreading through the family. When you’re wrong, acknowledge your mistake, it is important not only in the home but everywhere. A simple “I’m sorry” would have saved lots of marriage and prevented some divorces.

  1. Your kids need you

We know you are busy. Your kids do too. When you create time for them from your busy schedule, they’d understand and appreciate you. Kids are amazing, and they know who are sacrificing for them, they might not say it, but they know. Your husband knows what you’re giving, and he’d appreciate too.

In the end, being a woman is all about being strong and balancing everything, it hasn’t promised to be easy, but with conscious effort, things will work out well. What do you think of this list? Share your ideas with the comment area below.