The daily routine is sometimes so overwhelming that we have abandoned the moments of relaxation as taking a bath for a quick shower. But what few women know is that taking a relaxing bath provides us with numerous functions and therapeutic properties, since not only is limited to clean our body, but it is also a special moment of the day in which we escape from routine and daily stress

For this reason, we have prepared a list of the great benefits about taking a relaxing bath with hot water for your body and your mood.

How does a relaxing bath benefit our body?

Relaxes the nervous system.

Reduces levels of anxiety, stress and depression.

It helps to treat insomnia.

Relieves pain in the muscles

Relieves menstrual pain

Reduces inflammations in the body.

Relieves skin infections or fungus problems.

It helps to energize the organism.

Stimulates the production of antibodies.

Eliminates toxins from our body.

It helps to relieve respiratory problems.

Reduces excessive sweating

It stimulates the circulation of blood.

How to prepare a relaxing bath.

First you should look for a moment of the day in which we can be quietly with no prolems or responsibilities.

Fill the tub with water and introduce any oil, medicinal soap or bath salts that you like.

Heat the water until approximately 30 to 32 ºC, since at this temperature the steam produced by the hot water will open the pores of our skin, allowing an easier absorption of vitamins and minerals from the products combined with water.

Considerations to take into account.

To increase relaxation, we can turn off the bathroom light and instead light up with candles.

Music is important to achieve absolute relaxation, especially instrumental.

It is highly recommended that the duration of the relaxing bath does not last more than 30 or 40 minutes, since we could end up with weakening or fatigue.

After the bath, it is very advisable to give us a cold shower so that the pores of the skin close preventing of getting sick, as well as allowing us to adjust the temperature of the body with that of the environment.

You can complement the relaxing bath with the application of a relaxing oil or cream so that the skin stays hydrated for longer time period.