According to the relationship with God, there are different types of teenagers. They also work with different ways of approaching them in spiritual terms and guidance when dealing with different issues that may be causing doubts or fears.

For the same reason it is essential to know what are the 5 types of teenagers that according to their relationship with God is how we are going to approach forward them. Fervent teenagers In today’s world are becoming less and less.

These are characterized with the idea of a God because they tend to move in the same direction with the passage of time. They are always looking for guidance and only require a little support from their parents to stay on track.

Having a life guided by God is very attractive, since they feel a complete harmony between their aspirations in life and what God commands. To guide them it is necessary to help them not to fall into formalism, in scruples or conformism, but always teaching that service to God is humble and full of love. 

Unstable teenagers

Unfortunately, this type of teenagers is very common because they wanted to be fervent, but they did not feel capable enough to be so and for that reason they for just suddenly gave up all their progress serving God and end up falling into indifference. To guide them, it is necessary to help them face their desire to be fervent without making them feel guilty for not being completely determined.

Traditionalist teenagers

These are teenagers who accepted God in their lives because this concept was imposed by their families and not by their own conviction. While they are faithful to God’s service, some od them actually do it to keep up appearances in front of the others. The way is to seek God as a refuge whenever they feel they acted in a bad way.

To guide them it is necessary to teach them the true love that God has reserved for them so that their feelings become real towards the Lord and do not see them as an obligation.

Indifferent teenagers

They have no attraction to the love of God and end up abandoning religious practices very quickly. They avoid at all times the love towards God and to fulfill their moral tasks, but this does not mean that they do not have religious beliefs. To guide them it is necessary to make them believe the value of God’s love and the purpose it has for them in the perfect plan.

Nonreligious teenagers

Many times we confuse them with the indifferent ones but the difference is that they see love for God as an unnecessary and repulsive act, so they try to minimize their interest in religion even though faith in the Lord often acts positively his way of acting. To guide them it is necessary to be very tolerant of their judgments and teach them about the truth about God in a proper and nice way.