Becoming a wife means to stop thinking individually to think as part of a couple and a family. You represent your husband and set an example to your children, therefore you must take care that all your activities are worthy of a woman who fears God, and who respects herself and her family.

Here are five activities that should certainly be excluded from your life so that both your environment and your relationships with your husband are always in harmony.

  • Avoid Gossiping

All forms of gossip are fundamentally malignant. When a person tells you something about someone behind their back, it is because they are probably lying, or are telling a half-truth, because if not, why would not they say it directly before the person in question?

Nowadays, gossip is a much more popular activity than before. People gossip mouth to mouth or through social networks, and lies spread even more than the truth, causing innocent people to pay for crimes they have not done.

Gossip can lower your self-esteem, can generate unfounded fears, ruin the image of a loved one, and can even ruin your marriage. Malicious people can approach you through gossip to hurt you or your family. Do not let them. Cut the chain and do not listen or multiply the gossip.

  • Eradicate bad habits

Bad habits damage your image as a woman, as a wife and as a mother. Activities such as drinking alcohol, smoking, playing games of chance among others, disrespect God and your husband, besides damaging your health and giving a terrible example for your children.

A strong, intelligent and self-confident woman does not need any of these “additives” to have fun and socially share. Each of these habits has only negative effects for you. Alcohol damages your ability to reason clearly, smoking hurts your health and that of everyone around you, and gambling puts your family savings at risk and devalues the effort your husband makes to obtain those resources.

  • Do not dress inappropriately

Your way of dressing must always represent you as a lady of God, as a woman who belongs to a man, and who gives herself to respect. You can no longer think only of what clothing you want to wear, but also what clothing God would like to see you with and what clothing your husband would like you to wear.

Dressing in an attractive but demure manner will make your husband feel comfortable by your side wherever you go, and that your daughter wants to dress like you when she becomes a woman.

  • Decline invitations to immoral parties

It does not matter if it means losing a couple of friends, a married God-fearing woman should not be part of the popular meetings where only excesses and sins are extolled. Attending will only manage to worry your husband and your children of the hundreds of risks that exist in these meetings.

Lustful dances, people in a state of intoxication, games of chance, drugs and all kinds of permissiveness that only disrespect God and detract from you as a lady. Many people will insist that you share with them in these types of activities, but you must have the strength to face them.

  • Resign that absorbing work

Having money to support the family is important, but take care of your home and your children are even more so. If your husband has a stable job and is able to provide everything necessary for the family, surely he will value more that you can ensure the safety of the children, that you take care of them by yourself and help them with their homework instead of a nanny, and that you prepare dinner instead of buying it already made.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you should devote yourself absolutely to the work of the home, because every woman has ambitions and professional goals, but be considerate of acquiring responsibilities that do not completely subtract the time to share with your husband and children. They will value it and you will feel a positive change in relationships within the home.