Glamor weddings everywhere, but the marriages are in shambles. Wives do not know their roles, husbands do not know what it means to be married men.

Today, we are going to see four simple steps to being the wife of your husbands’ dreams, that woman he asked out, walked the aisle with and anticipated a future with.

Its’ not really difficult, but you must put your heart to it to get the desired result. Marriage is an institution where you learn every day through mistakes, but you don’t have to make every mistake to learn. Learn from these and move forward.

Steps to being a dream wife

What are the steps to take to be the wife your husband wants you to be? Find below.

Be his friend: A man wants a lady he can talk to. One who he can share his mind and ideas with. He wants a friend who he can always trust for advice and support. You must be that woman, you must be that lady, that friend.

When he is down emotionally, he should be able to turn to you. When he needs help psychologically and mentally, you should be there to lift him. These are what he can (or cannot) get from friends outside, depending on their relationship. But you are with him and you must be the friend he needs.

Communicate with him: You must communicate with your husband. Some families are lacking in communication. They hardly discuss in-depth. You should be able to talk to your husband in a language he understands. You know how he reasons and should talk to him in a way which he can relate to you in return.

Understand his viewpoint: When your husband is discussing with you, do your best to understand his viewpoint. You must be flexible (the both of you) in your views and should be able to understand what your ideas are. You don’t have to always engage in arguments to prove your point when you can simply listen and understand where he is coming from.

Learn to forgive: Your husband will offend you time and again. You have to forgive him. Your husband needs you to be his strength. A source of hope and encouragement. Men will be men. They will misbehave, they will show the little boy in them, but you must be the woman he wants, the woman who forgives him.

Now, you know the simple tips to become the woman your husband wants you to be. It is not going to be easy, neither will it be difficult if you put your heart to it.

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